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Guess what he did to cover long window with short curtain!!!
posted March 2 2011 21:41.28 by Giorgos Lazaridis

What can someone do if he has a long window and the curtain is not long enough, but still want some privace? Normal people would get a longer curtain. Niklas Roy on the other hand, did something really prototype. He connected a web camera to his laptop, and turned it to watch the window. He attached also a motor to move the curtain left and right. An ATMega8 controls this motor according, and gets commands from the laptop. So, when the webcam notices someone passing in front of the window, it moves the curtain in front of him! Brilliant! My congratulations! Full documentation can be found here.

[Via: hackaday]    [Link: niklasroy]
Tags: electronic project   crazy hack   diy   microcontroller   mechanical   games and fun   avr   pc related   webcam   

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