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Jacob's Ladder with a Car Ignition Coil and the 555 [Project]
posted November 13 2014 16:45.40 by Giorgos Lazaridis

All mighty 555 on the stage again, boosting the voltage up to the thousands! The schematic can't be any simpler.

G.L. Chemelec put the effort to upload the Circuit Board as well. So go ahead, feel free and let it fry!

I was able to make a printed circuit board by taping a piece of paper on the monitor, sizing the image to actual size by using the browser zoom function, and tracing the template off my monitor screen. Then I transferred the template to a bit of PCB material, drilled and etched as usual. (I find it easiest to drill first, then lay down the traces and pads with a Sharpie marker, then etch with Ferric Chloride as usual.) The circuit is running at about 145 Hz and is making a very hot set of sparkies. The trimpot adjusts the duty cycle. I tried first with an IRF830 mosfet, it works fine, but it works better with the IRFP260N. I also substituted BYV26E diodes for the 1n4004s and raised the frequency by changing the 100nF timing cap to 47 nF.


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