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How much money is there on Earth? - [Random Knowledge #47]
posted April 24 2013 20:21.06 by Giorgos Lazaridis

If we talk about the physical money that exists on Earth, according to dollardaze it is little above 5 trillion!

And if you think that this is big... Wait to see how much money can be spent on Earth. Don't get confused - Though there are some 5T, more money can be spent thanks to the fractional reserve system

If you do not know what a fractional reserve system is, if you do not know what money mechanics is and if you do not know how money are just.. made out of thin air, i suggest that you stop wasting time and go ahead watch these videos:

This is how the monetary system works - and its no funny

Zeitgeist I (Part 3 Starts at 1:11:10)

Zeitgeist Addendum

The Secret of Oz [Thank you Cheerio]

Now that you know how the modern monetary system works (based on the fractional reserve system), you can well understand that there are more money to spend than the physical money. It is estimated that there are some 25 trillion dollars of money to spend on Earth...

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