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This is the end for the Spirit Mars rover
posted May 25 2011 20:48.26 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Mars rover Spirit had a very bad winter on Mars. It was deployed on our neighbor planet in 2004, and was planned for a 3 months mission. Instead, the rover managed to survive for 7 whole years. In 2009, it stuck in an area with soft soil unable to free itself. Nevertheless, it successfully transmitted data back to Earth until the 22 of March, 2010. This was the last time that NASA managed to communicate with the Rover.

14 months passed since then, and NASA never managed to reestablish communication. The cold, long and sunless winter drained the batteries of Spirit. It looks like the planet's spring was unable to recharge it's batteries. Yesterday, they decided to quit trying. After all, they work on a new rover called Curiosity. So long Spirit...

Photo: NASA

[Link: NASA]
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