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Post you hacks and mods in pcbheaven [Announcement]
posted January 25 2012 18:30.30 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Back in November, I posted a BLOG entry asking if there are people who want to post their own projects in pcbheaven, and I got positive replies. So I began building the on-line editor. It took me about two months to prepare it. The editor operates now in BETA version, and some projects have already been posted, namely:

Ron P posted the High Res Cap Meter
Herctrap posted the Homemade Soldering Station 2 (and has already more to publish)
I posted the Flexible 555 LED Pulsing (Breathing) Circuit and the Product Review - How cheap is a cheap power supply

If you wish to become a writer yourself and upload your projects, circuits, theories, experiments or BLOG entries, contact with me by email. Since the "registration form" is not active yet, I will manually make an account for you. The registration form will become active within the next month, when version 1.0 of the CMS editor will be officially released.

The editor is custom made and takes advantage of all the features and tools that I used in the site. You can make very similar pages to those that already exist. There are only 3 limitations regarding the article content that someone can upload:

  • If a project or circuit is uploaded, it must come with full documentation (schematics, BOM and software if any)

  • Copyrighted material is not allowed unless the author has written consent from the owner (must be posted in the "references" section

  • Illegal content of any type is not allowed

  • Everything else is welcome!

    Giorgos Lazaridis

    Image: twobee

    [Link: pcbheaven]
    Tags: electronic project   tips   geek   creative   articles   theory/tutorial   how it works   how to   how is made   

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