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The most popular free energy fan-magnet video revealed
posted February 17 2015 17:02.15 by Giorgos Lazaridis

People, whenever you listen the phrase "Free Energy" you should always and automatically bring into your mind what the first law of thermodynamics states:
The total energy of an isolated system is constant. Energy can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.

So now you have your criteria to believe or not a "free energy video". And these criteria should be like that:

Should I believe what scientists say about the conversation of energy after half a century of studies, mind blowing equations and observations, or should I believe what this guy on youtube claims?

That is it... Period.

electronicsNmore did a wonderful job to discover how this youtube scam made his free energy video. You've probably watched this particular video. A set of magnets glued on the blades of the fan will cause the fan to rotate (and produce energy) when another magnet approaches the blades at the right angle.

Does it work? YES! Does it have anything to do with free energy? FFS NO! Watch this video to see how he engineered this fan to work this way!


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