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Clock with thermometer using Arduino [Project]
posted January 30 2014 3:42.23 by spic0m

Timofte Andrei made this nice 3 in 1 clock/thermometer/humidity meter.

"Hello! It's been a while I've didn't posted anything on Instructables, but now I made a simple project that I've seen on internet in various forms. I managed to build a code using other codes I've found on internet and I got to say it's working good.
For this project you need:
- Arduino Uno
- 16x2 LCD with i2c module
- DS1307 RTC
- DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
- a bread board
- some wires for connections.

As you can see the RTC is homemade because I had a DS1307 chip and a battery extracted from an old german electronic cash registering device.
So the connections are very simple:
The RTC and the i2c LCD are connected to A4 pin (SDA) and A5(SCL) and DHT11 sensor is connected to D2 pin. DHT11 has 4 pins, but only 3 are actually used. First pin is Vcc, the second is for data and the forth pin is for ground. As I said, connect data pin of the sensor to D2 on Arduino."

[Link: instructables]

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