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1000000000000 FPS camera captures ligh photons in motion!!!
posted December 15 2014 18:13.43 by Giorgos Lazaridis

1 TRILLION Frames per seconds is enough for you? Well, it is actually enough to see light particles moving! This is the new toy in the MIT Media Lab, and it could well be your toy of tomorrow (future tomorrow may i say). I did some calculations to see how much does light travels between each frame. FPS means that each frame is taken within an interval of 1 pSec. Light travels with the speed of 300.000 km/sec, that is 300.000.000.000 mm/sec, that is 0.3 mm/pSec. So, this camera is so freaking fast, that frame to frame a light beam moves roughly one third of a millimeter! It takes 3 frames for light to travel one millimeter! Can you imagine that?

Here is the video, enjoy!


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