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IR transceiver measures heart beats from fingertip
posted February 6 2011 19:58.14 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Rajendra tipped us of his latest project, which is really interesting in terms of DIY and science. He made a heart beat meter, which counts your heart beats from the from the fingertip. An IR LED transmits infrared light to the finger, while a photodiode senses the portion of the light that is reflected back. The intensity of reflected light depends upon the blood volume inside the fingertip. So, each heart beat slightly alters the amount of reflected infrared light that can be detected by the photodiode. The rest is simple electronics, based on the PIC 16F628. I really enjoy seeing original projects. Good work Raj and thanks for the tip! [link]

[Link: embedded-lab]
Tags: electronic project   physics   diy   microcontroller   pic   sensors   health & nature   biotechnology   

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  • At 29 April 2011, 6:09:40 user Kammenos wrote:   [reply @ Kammenos]
    • @Nistaran This is not my project, i just feature it in my site. You need to follow the link that i provide and you will find all there. Read the paragraph

  • At 29 April 2011, 5:48:25 user Nistaran wrote:   [reply @ Nistaran]
    • can you send me the code?

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