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Modding car's interior with DIY capacitance touch buttons [Project]
posted November 3 2011 11:29.54 by Giorgos Lazaridis

During the last two months, i received some comments from a pcbheaven reader with the id Qla regarding my PIC Frequency-Change Capacitance Touch Button. I was happy to see that Qla was inspired by this project, and made himself some touch buttons for his car. He planned to use SMD components, but in the meanwhile he made a batch of them and they were small enough to fit behind the blind buttons of the car. He made 4 toggle switches and one temporary make button with 3 seconds off-delay. Here is a video from one touch button:

He made some changes to the software, and after 5 days of trial and error, the buttons worked fine!

After 5 days of tests in my car I can tel it works very good (in my town more often I stand in traffic than ride so have a lot time for tests :) ).

Each button is interfaced with a 1.5A relay to drive the loads. Here is the video with his project.

Thank you Qla for posting these videos!

[Link: Qla]
Tags: touch screen   capacitance sensor   diy   electronic project   auto/moto   crazy hack   

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  • At 9 August 2012, 21:45:14 user automobile carpets wrote:   [reply @ automobile carpets]
    • Nice touch to improving the car interior. Where did you learn?

  • At 16 February 2012, 15:39:54 user Giorgos Lazaridis wrote:   [reply @ Giorgos Lazaridis]
    • @Stefan Qla has done a very nice job in the car interior. I hope you post your own job for us to see ;)))

  • At 16 February 2012, 10:51:57 user Stefan wrote:   [reply @ Stefan]
    • Very nice!!! I just started a project like this on my car but I still have to learn a lot (I'm a complete rookie with electronics) It's nice to see that it can be done:)

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