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Pneumatic Homemade Wolverine Claws [Project]
posted May 23 2014 12:27.24 by spic0m

Colin Furze is the creator of probably the best DIY Wolverine claws i've seen.
Not only the blades look realistic (and act also if you watch the video) but the expand/retract action is awesome thanks to the hidden tank of pressurized air that Colin carries in a backpack.

"Now rather than give a full on write up of how these were made instead i thought i'd just give a brief description of my thoughts n thinking while making them as there is a comprehensive build video should you want your own.
The one thing these had to do first of is deploy and retract as ive seen some reasonable efforts of people making claws that go out and not back in or spring in but have to be swung out. They also needed to look like the real claws of wolverine and by that i mean they have to spread out as they come further out so 3 parallel bits of metal would not be enough in my eyes, and last i wanted to make them as slim and discreet as possible. So did i achieve these goals????"


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