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Light up your XMAS from your Smartphone [Project]
posted December 20 2013 13:20.53 by spic0m

"This post is about a light animation game that can light up your Christmas. There's Bluetooth, Android and audio files: a perfect festive mashup. A spectrum analyzer will help us color the winter festivities.

Every year at Christmas we always want to try something new for lighting up our decorations: everyone wants to impression friends and families coming to visit with her creativity! So, this year we propose you an interesting idea: a system that manages the lighting according to your favorite song.

For the audio section we will use the audio capabilities of your Android Smartphone: it can reproduce and analyze audio files in real-time (supported formats are MP3 and WAV). The hardware part will be that of an Arduino board plus a shield suited with expansions. The communication between the two units will be done via bluetooth."

[Link: Open Electronics]

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