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The video of the day #13 - The Island of Crete in Greece
posted June 3 2013 7:31.10 by Giorgos Lazaridis

I come from Greece - People keep asking me about the situation in Greece. Mass media don't always show things as they are (or should i say "never"???). Watch this funny video (which is actually an advertisement). If you plan to visit Crete, you're welcome!

And here is a bonus video! Again from the 2013 campaign.

And finally, 10 phrases you want to know when you come to Greece:

Kalimera - Good morning
Kalinikta - Good night
Efcharisto - Thank you
Parakalo - You're welcome
Ya hara - Literally means "health and happy", you tell this to someone when you're leaving
Ya mas - Means "to our health", you tell this when you're about to drink something
Ya su - Hello (literally means "to your health"
Pos se lene? - What's your name?
Me lene... - My name is ...
Chero poli - Pleased to meet you

Bonus phrase:
Nipson anomimata mi monan opsin - Nipson anomimata mi monan opsin. Its a phrase in ancient Greek that can be read the same backwards and means "wash your sins, not only your face". Usually it was written on wells and fountains.

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