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Spain will NOT get any Google news traffic any more, Google refuses to pay TAX
posted December 11 2014 20:09.41 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Do you remember the Google TAX that Spain thought it was a good opportunity to earn from Google? To cut long story short, Spain passed a law (Canon AEDE) to tax news publishers who dare to re-publish news from Spain newspapers. For more info about this law, read this article (link).

This happened about 2 weeks ago, and now Google responded. So, what do you think that Google decided to do?
a. Beg Spain for mercy and allow Google to re-post their news so that Google can continue sending them tons of traffic?
b. Google decided that it is fair to pay Spain the Google tax for sending them tons of traffic?
c. Google decided to turn its back to Spain, stop re-posting their news and stop sending them tons of traffic...

Well, if you chose "c" BINGO! You got it! As of this date, Google will not re-post any of the Spanish news!

What will be the outcome of this? Most recently Germany newspaper publishers decided to do the same but when they saw that organic reach was thrown into the abyss, they agreed to allow Google links...

[Via]    [Link]

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  • At 24 December 2014, 17:03:12 user josagal wrote:   [reply @ josagal]
    • That is what the spanish government wants you to believe...what they don't really want is you to know (and the rest of the world) how this heirs of the dictator (PP), is doing to the spanish people.

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