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Tiny FM bug disguised into mint box, WITH mints
posted March 4 2011 21:40.26 by Giorgos Lazaridis

If you have watch many 007-style movies, then you probably have seen many different bug disguises, sometimes as a rose, others as a statue... but tell me, have you ever seen a bug disguised into a mint box? Chris from pyro electro sent us his latest project, which is am tiny FM bug disguised into a mint box, WITH mints inside. The circuit has only 17 parts, and is able to transmit the signal at about 100 feet indoors and outdoors. It is so small, that it fits in a mint box and occupies only half of it. In the other half, Chris has some mints for better cloaking. As always, Chris has an excellent documentation, which you can find here. Thanks [Chris].

[Link: pyroelectro]
Tags: electronic project   diy   fm/am   wireless   

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