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LM386 based stereo audio amplifier with digital volume control
posted June 30 2011 18:17.47 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Raj from embedded-lab just informed me about his latest project upload. He made a stereo amplifier with 2 LM386 low voltage audio power amplifiers. What's cool about this project is that instead of controlling the volume (and the balance) with a classic potentiometer, he used a DS1868 dual digital potentiometer controlled by a PIC microcontroller. The PIC he used is the 18F2550. The board has 3 buttons, one to increase the channel volume, one to decrease it and one to select a channel, left-right or both. A 2 by 16 LCD is used for volume indication. You can find more details in this link. Thanks [Raj]

[Link: embedded-lab]
Tags: pic   microcontroller   amplifier   audio   electronic project   lcd   diy   music   

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