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The science behind the numbers that govern our lives [Life]
posted December 3 2013 11:47.33 by spic0m

Eat five portions of fruit and veg, drink eight glasses of water, exercise five times a week... these figures grab our attention, but do the numbers really add up?

In the mid-60s, the psychiatrist Charles Hofling wanted to know more about the way nurses and doctors interact with one another, so he devised an experiment, in a real hospital. While on duty, the nurses would receive a telephone call from a doctor, who ordered them to give a 20mg dose of medicine to a patient. The doctor said he'd sign the paperwork when he got in. Despite clear instructions on the bottle of medicine that explained a 20mg dose could be fatal, 21 out of 22 nurses were prepared to give the drug. And none of them had met the doctor who made the call.

[Link: theguardian]

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