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This is the best DIY casing I've ever seen [DIY]
posted April 18 2012 5:07.05 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Herctrap sent me this link yesterday. Based on the Burr Brown OPA2107 Operational Amplifier, this guy made a small audio amplifier without soldering the parts on a PCB. The soldering work is very nice and symmetrical, but i was not really amazed from this:

What i was really amazed of was the casing that he decided to make. Instead of making a plastic case, he made a mould and with a special transparent resin he casted the circuit! Excellent idea and perfect results!

The complete make is here. Thanks [Hercules]

[Link: Runaway Brainz]
Tags: amplifier   audio   cast   diy   cell phone hacks   trick   creative   how to   how is made   music   

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