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Wild, loud and expensive jetpack to be on the shelves within months!
posted April 16 2011 20:19.48 by Giorgos Lazaridis

The idea of a jetpack is not new, but a commercial model was not yet designed. Glenn Martin, the designer of this jetpack characterizes his invention as "the simplest aircraft of the world". The Martin Jetpack is able to fly with 100 Kmph at an altitude of 50 meters above ground. It is powered with a 2000cc engine that produces 200HP. The jetpack managed to fly successfully for 7 minutes (which is a record time), and it is finally ready to be sold. According to the maker, more than 2.500 people want to buy this crazy flying machine, although it will cost approximately 50.000.

[Link: martinjetpack]
Tags: flying machines   jet pack   extreme   futuristic   crazy designs   inventions   mechanical   

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