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Google car drives a blind man around the town [Video]
posted April 6 2012 5:35.37 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This is Steve Mahan. Steve sits on the driver's sit of the Toyota Prius to drive around the small California town of Morgan Hill in late January, on a a routine trip to pick up the dry cleaning and drop by the Taco Bell drive-in for a snack. The amazing thing is that Steve happens to have already lost 95% of his vision, and the car autonomously drives him around. Steve makes jokes as he drives, "Look mom, no hands"! I believe that this google technology will become commercial product pretty soon.

[Via: Discovery news]    [Link: google]
Tags: auto/moto   autonomous   google   inventions   research   experiments   crazy story   crazy photo/video   crazy designs   world record   

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