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Dr. Calculus technical calculators

Welcome to the Dr. Calculus pages.

What you are about to find here are sophisticated, on-line, real time calculators for specific jobs. They are designed in order to save you from the time consuming common calculations. Those calculators are not to solve "riddles" and impossible mathematic equations. They are simple in operation (as simple as can be) and each one does one specific task. These tasks are some calculations that an amateur (and not only) project designer will need to do as for example, you may need to solve several times the equation for the calculation of oscillation of a 555. Dr. calculus will do those calculations for you saving you precious time and keeping your results error free.

As you understand, those calculators are far from complete. I would need more than my life to script a complete list of calculators. The list is from time to time enriched with new scripts. In case you badly need a calculator, you may ask from us (with email of course) and you will have it the soonest possible.

All calculators are copyrighted. You may NOT copy the scripts without our permission. This would be against the international law for copyrights.

Dr. Calculus index

Parts coding
  • Carbon film resistors color code
  • Metal film resistors color code
  • Capacitors coding
  • Capacitors color code
  • Standard resistor values selector

  • 555 calculators
  • Monostable mode
  • Astable oscilaltor

  • Op-Amp amplifier
  • Inverting amplifier
  • Non inverting amplifier

  • Transistors
  • Checking transistors
  • Common Base amplifier analysis
  • Common Base amplifier Design-Time

  • LEDs - Diodes
  • LED resistor calculator
  • Single transistor constant current driver w/ voltage divider bias
  • Single transistor constant current driver biased with Zener

  • Miscellaneous
  • Ohm's law
  • Voltage divider
  • Total resistance
  • Total capacitance
  • Sine wave RMS - Peak voltage converter
  • Capacitor impedance

  • Least squares
  • The Line Equation

  • Schmitt Trigger
  • Op-Amp symmetrical
  • Op-Amp Non symmetrical
  • Op-Amp single supply
  • Transistor Schmitt Trigger


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