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Trash of Gold - Reuse before Recycle 14 October 2013
Some time ago I uploaded a video explaining how one can remove the various components from an old PCB fast and easy. It seems that many people misunderstood the purpose of this video. One gains more than just economical profit from salvaging parts...

Giorgos V Lazaridis - A Quick Autobiography 22 June 2013
Here is my quick autobiography - How i got into electronics and programming, my first projects and electronic gadgets.

My Job - Repair Balluff BNS- 819 series Multi Limit Switch 15 January 2013
I was called to repair a double-sided edge banding machine and discovered that the Balluff inductive sensor of a multi-limit switch was defective. Balluff does not produce these sensors any more, so the only possible solution was to order the complete multi-switch... The cost was ridiculously high. So instead, i modded the switch and used another inductive sensor.

LED Resistor Selector Dial 14 December 2012
Here is a very simple way to "calculate" the resistor values to drive your LEDs - Download and print the PDF that i provide, follow the instructions and make your own dial selector within a few minutes.

My Job - Mains Power Failure Detection and Protection for CNC 24 June 2012
Here is a cheap and simple method to protect expensive electrical equipment in high-power machines such as CNCs...

Product Review - How cheap is a cheap power supply 28 December 2011
I got from ebay a cheap power supply for my canon camera. It appeared as a normal power supply, with the canon brand printed on the label. It worked fine for some time, and then things turned really nasty...

My Job - Retrofit Star Delta motor automation on band saw 31 May 2011
In this BLOG entry i explain how can someone make a very simple and reliable Start Delta AC motor automation. I made this automation because i was asked to retrofit an old band saw woodworking machine which had an old manual star-delta switch and no motor protection at all.

My Job - Repairing a pneumatic foot pedal 8 May 2011
Many people think that when a pneumatic valve or other equipment fails, it has to be replaced with a new one. That is not correct. Pneumatic valves and regulators can be easily repaired just like pneumatic cylinders. In this BLOG entry i explain how can someone repair a pneumatic valve found inside a foot pedal.

How to salvage parts from PCBs 8 April 2011
I uploaded this blog entry, after a conversation i had with a reader from China, who told me that he strips parts from old PCBs. I thought that more people may find this simple technique rather useful. I used to struggle with the solder iron and the pump to remove the parts form the PCBs, but with this way, it is a piece of cake!

Product Review - IR remote Control Jammer 28 March 2011
Alan Parekh from Alan?s Electronic Projects, also known from Hacked Gadgets, offered me some goods from his online store, as well as a kit from his Electronic Kits store, anInfrared Remote Control Jammer, which i made and test it, and finally wrote this review.

My Job - Repairing a NUM controller on a BIMA CNC center 11 March 2011
I decided to start posting the most interesting cases that i meet in my day job. I work as a CNC technician for high-end machines from the best makers of the world. In this first post, i had to go deep inside the NUM controller of a BIMA 300 CNC center (maker IMA) to find that the CPU of the NUM processor had a bad connection in one of its pins.

Product Review - Linistepper 4 December 2010
James Newton from Piclist offered me a Linistepper for my instant cold coffee machine project that i've been working past 7 months. Before i put this Linistepper to work, i felt like reviewing this item.

PC Fan Controlling Methods 30 March 2010
Having the fans categorized by the number of wires they have, i explain the reasons and the ways that they can be controlled. For each controlling method i have at least one link to a circuit that demonstrates this method, as well as i have links to interesting theories for the operation of the PC fans.

The Origin Of Internet 11 June 2009
Do you really now the origin of the internet? This article is the general accepted (perhaps unofficial) story of the birth of what we today know as ?Internet?.

Electronic waste and recycling 22 April 2009
Loads of electrical and electronic devices are dumped every day uncontrolled in landfills polluting fields and the underground water. We have to know that electronic waste is highly toxic and full with carcinogenic substances and in a heavily polluted environment such as ours there has to be some kind of guidelines in order to prevent or minimize further pollution.

PC Cooling Methods 9 April 2009
In this article I will try to present the most known and commonly used ways of cooling a PC. Each method will be described in terms of operation, advantages and disadvantages against the other methods.

To WiFi or not to WiFi 26 March 2009
Within this article, we will discuss the affects of the wireless networks on the human body, the risks and precautions that can be taken to reduce those risks. The article is based onto official researches for the wireless networks and the use of microwave bands for communications.

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