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Interview at EEWeb magazine

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Visual IR Thermometer Comparison: FLIR TG165 vs Fluke VT04 [Review]

MJLorton has put together a very nice comparison between two of the best Visual IR Thermometer on the market, the FLIR TG165 and the Fluke VT04. Both of[...]

Tiny Battery Check Circuit [Project]

This 9-parts battery tester will definitely work for you if you need a battery indicator for your project. A voltage divider is used to set the voltage[...]

Measuring the Acceleration due to Gravity [Project]

Earth's gravity causes all objects (with mass) to accelerate towards its center with a fixed rate which is anything between 9.78 and 9.83 m/s2[/SUP[...]

Basic LASER Security System [Project]

You do not need much to make a DIY LASER Security System. Although this is not the best solution to rely on for your home security, it still works. External[...]

Arduino and PID to Balance Ball on Track [Project]

I rarely post projects with no documentation but this one is a very good "visual showcase" of the PID operation. If you know the PID theory then[...]

Everything you need to know about Battery Ratings [Theory]

mAh, Amp-hours, Watt-Hours, C rating... All that can be confusing for the amateur. So here is a video with a fairly good explanation on the battery ratings[...]

Single Transistor Codelock [Project]

Its not the most sophisticated security system in the world. Its not even close to modern. But we have to admin that it is brilliant. And in some cases[...]

10 Ways Humans are likely to Evolve [Future]

Our brain will shrink instead of getting any larger! After all the past 200.000 years our brain is shrinking. And it will keep on shrinking as it becomes[...]

Ice Bucket Challenge - The Way of the Scientist [Physics]

Give something, anything to a physicists, no matter how ridiculous or pointless or useless it is, he will immediately escalate it to science. Spangler[...]

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