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Meet ChalkJet - The Road Inkjet Machine [Project]

Definitely my kind of art! This 8-head (actually 8 spray cans) is controlled by 2 Arduino Duemilanove board. 8 small solenoids are used to actuate each[...]

FPGA Flappy Bird Automated Player is (still) beatable [Project]

Voted as one of the most addictive game for 2014, Flappy Bird is still a game that i have not played yet, although it seems that and FPGA has![...]

Love Chemistry with this Demonstration [Science]

If only I was able to attend to such a lecture in my childhood or teens, I would definitely had loved chemistry. School and teachers have this amazing[...]

Walking on the Ceiling with Magneto Shoes [Project]

When was the last time that you did something crazy? For this guys over here, its every now and then... This is Colin Furze, an insane British garage inventor[...]

Single Resistor Adjustable LDO Voltage Regulator [Circuit]

As you probably know, adjustable linear regulators (like the all mighty LM317) usually require a set of 2 resistors to generate a voltage feedback from[...]

ATTN! iPhone used to steal your ATM PIN and more! [Technology]

There is a new iPhone gadget which one can buy from any apple store and can be used to steal the PIN code from ATM cards, entry security systems and generally[...]

Google prepares to replace Pizza Boys with Project Wing [News]

Google began as a search engine, but it has already gone too far. And as if they hadn't gone far enough, a new video upload demonstrates Google[x][...]

Infinity Mirror Clock [Project]

Dushyant Ahuja, an instructables member, made this neat combination a an infinity mirror and a wall clock:[...]

Breadboardable PIC32 Breakout/Development Board [Project]

Gaurav Chaudhary writes:[...]

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