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Interview at EEWeb magazine

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This Knife Switch is such a Cool Design Idea [Project]

I was always fascinated by knife switches. They are big and they control RAW POWER. Not this one though. Jax made this knife-type switch for the laundry[...]

PCB Printed Spark Gap Explanation [PCB Design]

Dave was tearing down (is that news???) a medical equipment and what he discovered inside was a PCB-Printed Spark Gap. Good for us, this was enough for[...]

When and How Will We Live on Mars? [Science]

If you like watching youtube documentaries and most particularly the space-related ones, then you must watch this brand new by Motherboard![...]

LED Resistor Dial Selector [Tools]

I made this project back in 2012. Its a very simple tool useful for the amateur electronic enthusiasts. You can DIY by simply printing a PDF file, and[...]

8 Things that your Teacher Taught you Wrong! [Knowledge]

There was this period of time when teachers knew everything. Well, actually they knew even less than they know today, but kids had to respect their opinion[...]

Probably the Best DIY Railgun Thus Far [Project]

Definitely not even close to the Navy Railgun Prototype which can hurl a 10-kilos projectile with a speed of 8.000Kmph, but this amazing instructable made[...]

Spain to tax Google for linking to Spanish News Pages is NOT a joke! [News]

Let me get this straight... Please... So, say I'm a news publisher. What I do for a living is publishing fresh eye-catching news and wait for higher[...]

Google X Plans to detect Cancer With Nanoparticles and Wearables [News]

Google X announced at the WSJD conference of a new ambitious project against cancer. They plan to track cancer in the blood and an upcoming heart attack[...]

Hurry Up! Download Premium Apps for Free [Promo]

Amazon offers an Amaz(on)ing promotion for Amazon's Android App store for Halloween. From now up until November 1st you can get 39 different Premium[...]

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