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Interview at EEWeb magazine

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MCP1640 - 0.35V High Efficiency Boost Regulator [Chip Ideas]

I have tested this chip myself and I was quite surprised by the fact that it can operate at such low voltage! The Microchip MCP1640 is a 0.65V Start-up[...]

Automatic Fish Feeder Machine [Project]

Instructable member Constructed seems to forget to feed his aquarium fish... Which is precisely why I do not dare to own a pet - it would starve to death[...]

Display Temperature Humidity and Pressure on a Nokia 5110 LCD [Project]

Its a very well built project and you can make it yourselves. Using a Sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini 168 - 5V/16MHz, he interfaced the DHT22 humidity sensor[...]

This is how NASA has changed the world [Infographic]

Infographic sent to me by Andy. Thanks![...]

Chip Ideas: TDA7052A 1W Audio Amplifier [Review]

It would be nice to see more VIDEO uploads like this one. JohnAudioTech did a VERY good review on the TDA7052A 1Watt BTL Mono Audio Amplifier. He explains[...]

Send Text Message with Smartphone to Arduino [Project]

Its called Bluetooth and there is already a small and cheap module which can be interfaced with a microcontroller (and Arduino of course) and control your[...]

Simple BFO Metal Detector on the Scoop [Project]

This project is a remake of this older article. BFO stands for Beat Frequency Oscillator. The theory of operation is well described in the site:[...]

Eyeball Animation is Freaky! [Project]

I could not find any info on this project other than that it uses an Arduino and two SG90 servos. The point is that you can watch the video and get a very[...]

Explaining the Heisenberg Uncertainty [Science]

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that you can never simultaneously know the exact position and the exact speed of an object. There is actually[...]

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