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Interview at EEWeb magazine

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Dumbest robot fight for dummies - Only in Japan

Tell me, where else would you expect to see a vibrating dildo powered bot to fight in robo-wars if not in Japan? This is Hebocon, and the organizers in[...]

Infuse cocktails the scientific way, with vacuum...

If you are into science and you want to have a cocktail party, you can't just have fruits and veggies in liqueur waiting for the alcohol and the flavor[...]

The hidden meaning behind corp logos in an infographic

Click the following infographic to view in full size[...]

New LEDs offer tunable color temperature

Everlight introduced its CHI3030 27V/29W 30x30mm LED series, a very compact solution with LED chips mounted behind concentric layers of phosphors offering[...]

Apple patents system to actively swing iPhones in midair and fall like cats

Apple was recently awarded a patent (U.S. Patent No. 8,903,519) for a future (and rather futuristic) iPhone fall-protection system that can protect its[...]

ATTENTION! This cheap ebay LED lamp can kill you !!!

ATTENTION to all ebay buyers. Those guys in China factories do not give a penny for safety. It's all about cost, cost, cost. Safety is nowhere in[...]

Hack your backlit keyboard and play a game of snake!

This is yet another proof that old games had no graphics but the game-play was awesome and the addiction-factor was barely legal. Jeroen Domburg took the[...]

Old Pirate Bay is the New Pirate Bay Archives (at least for now)

Pirate Bay was taken down after a police raid... And before it even got forgotten in time, a well known torrent site (and somewhat a competitor of Pirate[...]

Battery-Free induction bicycle light is a brilliant hack

I just LOVE seeing such hacks. Boy wants something, boy looks around, boy finds parts to hack, boy makes! Stonioni did precisely this! He wanted a bicycle[...]

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