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Interview at EEWeb magazine

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Infinity Mirror Clock [Project]

Dushyant Ahuja, an instructables member, made this neat combination a an infinity mirror and a wall clock:[...]

Breadboardable PIC32 Breakout/Development Board [Project]

Gaurav Chaudhary writes:[...]

Android controlled TV Remote(with Speech Recognition) [Project]

Jayvis Vineet Gonsalves made the ultimate tool for couch lovers:[...]

D.I.Y. 512Kb NINTENDO Game Boy Flash Cartridge [Project]

Gerry O'Brien writes:[...]

Toyota Ditches Crankshaft In Their New Free Piston Engine Linear Generator (FPEG) [News]

The most widely used type of engine is combustion engine and although even under the name of combustion engines, you'd find a lot of variations, one[...]

Arduino Laser cut gear clock [Project]

Instructables member bpwagner made this good looking clock with an arduino and some laser cut gear he designed himself:[...]

Remote, Programmable, Controller for LED strips [Project]

Boris Landoni writes about his remote programmable controller:[...]

STM32 Serial Communication [Technology]

Shawon Shahryiar wrote an interesting article @Embedded Labs about the serial communication of the STM32:[...]

SDR Shortwave Radio Mod "easy HF dongle mod" [Project]

A simple mod that requires steady hands and good eyes by Youtuber crookedninja5:[...]

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