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23 February 2011
Author: Giorgos Lazaridis
DIY Battery Pack holder with dual voltage outputs

This project is only to give you a new idea. I upload such projects from time to time, because i know that sharing simple solutions and ideas is more useful than sharing a complete and complex project.

The problem that i had, is that i wanted a battery holder that will hold 4 AA batteries in one series. I will use this pack for my door key-code lock project. I need to have 4 batteries inside the door, so space is critical. I cannot have the typical 4-pack battery holder, because it is too thick to fit inside the door. So this is what i've done:

The holder shell

I have better liked to use a plastic tube, like the conduit used for the external electrical installations in factories, but I did not currently have one with the proper diameter. So, i used corrugated cardboard instead:

Thick corrugated cardboard, packing tape and scissors I put the 4 batteries in series And rolled them to make a tube.

Connecting the wires

I need 2 different power outlets, one for full 6 volts (4 x 1.5) and one for 3 volts (2 x 1.5). Here is how i connected the wires onto the batteries:

I will use an old fuse which has the same diameter like the batteries I removed the metallic ends form the fuse On the first, i soldered a spring and the black wire
And on the other, i soldered again a spring and the red (6v) wire I soldered the third yellow wire (3v) in the middle of another spring These are the 3 wires

Putting it all together

Finally, i put it all together:

First the black wire. I pushed it in the tube Then, i pushed the first 2 batteries Then, i put the yellow wire between the 2nd and 3rd battery Finally, i pushed the red wire in the tube (the spring is missing :D )

I put some packing tape to secure the two metallic ends firmly in place. This is the result:

As you understand, this battery holder is not ideal for replacing the batteries often. But i do not intend to do so. If you want to make it more flexible and easier to change batteries, i strongly suggest you use a plastic tube with threaded ends and threaded covers.



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  • At 28 February 2011, 23:19:13 user Ciprian Winner wrote:   [reply @ Ciprian Winner]
    • great work :D

  • At 24 February 2011, 8:40:15 user Kammenos wrote:   [reply @ Kammenos]
    • either with a pliers you can remove it, or if not, break the ceramic with a hammer.

  • At 24 February 2011, 6:58:33 user Fung wrote:   [reply @ Fung]
    • How to remove the heads from a fuse?

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