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How Phonecard Smart Cards WorkAuthor
Giorgos Lazaridis
May 30, 2012

This is the best text regarding the phonecard data and communication protocol. The original location of the file is dead (http://perso.wanadoo.fr/telecard/), but you can download this file from here (Special thanks to Panagiotis AKA _Pike for providing me this file):

Download file
Phonecards Data Version 2.04 by Stephane - Laurent

A very good application note from Microchip (AN1370) explains the Smartcard protocol. The pdf can be downloaded directly from Microchip from this link. If this link is broken, you can directly downloaded from here:

Download file
Microchip Application Note AN1370: Smart Card Communication Using PICŪ MCUs

Here is the link for the ISO in Switzerland. You can download (not free) ISO 7816-1, ISO 7816-3vvvvv2, ISO 7816-3 and ISO 7816-4.

A typical Smartcard MCU with EEPROM from ST for your reference

Download file
ST19SF04 - Smartcard MCU With 4 KBytes of EEPROM


Continue reading. Click here to read the worklog.



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  • At 1 January 2016, 11:44:09 user Jan Van Rossum wrote:   [reply @ Jan Van Rossum]
    • Hello
      I have written a Online USB card reader program ..

      please check www.javaro.be/reader
      login with user 'demo' and pswd 'demo'

      Read the "how it works" file for more info..


  • At 17 December 2015, 21:39:02 user Ahmadhamza wrote:   [reply @ Ahmadhamza]
    • Well done guys

  • At 25 November 2012, 20:09:59 user Jan Van Rossum wrote:   [reply @ Jan Van Rossum]
    • I want to use " SMART CARD TOOLSET PRO " program ..
      i use an USB reader ACR-38

      when I choose GSM sim card (card type)
      when I insert a GSm sim card it seems to respond ..

      when I choose ISO 7916 card (card type)
      and I insert a standard phone card ..
      smartcard does not respond on settings '
      probably something to do with the APDU ...

      somebody any idea what i have to put there to read a phonecard ?


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