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My Job - Repair Balluff BNS- 819 series Multi Limit SwitchAuthor
Giorgos Lazaridis
January 15, 2013

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Unfortunately i was unable to find this sensor. Balluff discontinued this sensor for some reason, and i was not able to find a stock-house with this sensor. So i moved to plan B: First i downloaded the datasheet to see what sort of sensor is it:

Download file
Balluff BES 517-312-Y Inductive sensor

It is a PNP N-O inductive sensor. I then called a friend of mine who imports the TURCK sensors, sent him the Balluff sensor details and asked him to find me something to replace it. This is what he sent me:

Download file
Turck Bi2-EH6,5K-AP6X Inductive Seneor

It is a cylindrical 6.5mm PNP N-O sensor. It does not have the rectangular part with the terminals but who cares? I will find another way to fix it into the housing.

I received the sensors after 2 days! First i had to pair the wire colors according to the note that i took when i removed the original sensor Left is the Balluff sensor and right is the Turck sensor

First i cleaned thoroughly the surface with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt or grease Then i trimmed the sensor wires short I used a piece of tape to close the sensor's opening. Then i put the sensor in the sensor's hole. The sensor went all the way in until it reached the tape

A 5-minutes super glue will certainly do the job! The sensor had to be all the way down in the sensor's hole The glue will hold it there for many - many years After the glue was cured, i removed the duct tape. You can see the yellow surface of the sensor

Time to connect the sensor. It is a good practice to tin the wires with solder paste I used also wire protection caps to ensure reliable operation under vibrations This is how the new sensor will be connected with to the wires A Klemmens connector ensures perfect contact

Closing the sensor was tricky!

It was kinda tricky to fit all these wires in the housing Before fixing the screws, i made sure that all wire were in the housing and the sealing gasket was in proper position Finished!

Just for the story, i went back to the customer and placed the sensor back again. It worked perfectly fine - The machine completed the reference cycle, i changed the reference position and everything worked like charm...

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  • At 12 February 2014, 18:37:57 user Nick wrote:   [reply @ Nick]
    • That repair job was excellent !!!

      One day i may be able to repair stuff like you do!

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