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Foot Pedal on the CheapAuthor
Giorgos Lazaridis
August 21, 2012

I am preparing a larger project which will need a foot switch to operate. I made once a foot pedal which was kinda tanky. This time,i made a lighter version, very simple to make, still with a nice operating feel. I don't really remember where i saw this design, i think from ebay.

The basic construction
The foot switch has only one piece of thin acrylic glass:

I got an 11cm wide 4mm thick acrylic glass piece And i marked a 30cm long piece from it And cut it

Then i used my acrylic glass folding heater to bend the piece...

I marked a perpendicular line at about 5mm from the center of the piece Heated this line... When the material became soft, i gave it an extreme bend Now it begins to look like a foot pedal...

The electronics
At first i wanted to glue the switch on the plexiglass with hotmelt glue, but then i decided to make it more "fancy":

I cut a T-shaped perforated PCB I will use this RJ connector, so i marked the fixing holed on the PCB I drilled the holes for the RJ connector And then i soldered the connector and a small PCB-mount switch

This is how it looks

Then i had to fix the PCB on the acrylic glass:

I marked a slot on the plexiglass for the soldering work of the PCB, and the holes to fix it I cut the slot and drilled the holed for countersink screws Almot ready...

Then i used a small piece of self-sticking foam to act as spring

Ready, Quick and Easy!






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