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This project is not completed yet - Last update: June 19, 2014
Lab Power Supply 0-20V 10mA-2AAuthor
Zoran Petkovic
June 5, 2012

PAGE 1 of 4 - Getting Started

To get started first we will need items needed for this build so lets start there

NOTE: if you would like more replacements of the parts write in the comments these parts are parts that every electronic store has and at the time when i designed this i designed it around the parts i had in my junk box

TR124V 2A
TR212x6V 0.2A this is a center taped transformer meaning it has 2x secondary
D5, D6,D13,D141N4148
D7ZF7V5 or any 7.5v zener diode
D8ZF15 or any 15v zener diode
D9,D10,D11,D121N4004 or any 1A rectifier diode
DISP 1,2,3,4 13mm Common anode 7 segment displays chose your color
LED13mm LED chose your color
Passive components
C1,C22200μF 35V
C3,C4,C12,C13,C15,C17,C18,C191μF 35V Tantalum capacitors or electrolytic
C5,C111μF 35V
C8,C9,C2510μF 35V
C10100μF 35V
C14,C16 1000μF 16V
C23, C260.47μF
R1, R27300R 0.5W
R5, R8,R314k7
R10, R26,R3247k
R111k 2W
R120.33R 5W
R15, R1622k
R28510R 0.5W
R171k5 0.5W
R190.1R 5W In schematic these are shown as 1 resistor but they are actualy 2 in paralel
R21, R251M
R241k small trimmer potentiometer
P1, P350k linear potentiometer
P2, P45k linear potentiometer
R25k1 1W
R6, R13, R141k
Integrated Circuits
IC3, IC4MC1458 DIP

When searching capacitors sometimes its good to search like this for example 0.47μF if result doesn't show any results try converting it into nano-farads 470nF then search again

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  • At 12 June 2015, 17:27:05 user Wiki wrote:   [reply @ Wiki]
    • This power supply can be used to power amplifiers or lab, because the LM723 is a very good voltage regulator, with good specifications, like noise figure. It has sense voltage, feedback, overall protection. It is a way good comparing to LM317 series. It can be used for a final year project at university, if it has a documentation. I've seen at my university, final year projects like power supply with digital view of voltage.

  • At 26 February 2015, 7:23:46 user Zoran Petkovic wrote:   [reply @ Zoran Petkovic]
    • I uploaded PDF with my second populated unit pictures ( On presentation page click download file) it should be easy to build in one go but if you have questions ask them in comments ill spare some time to answer.

  • At 25 February 2015, 17:47:39 user Gamini wrote:   [reply @ Gamini]
    • Dear Zoran,
      Oh, Very sorry to here this. Now you're paying for some others mistake, But appreciate your courage. Wish you good luck and Gods; Blessings.

      Bes regards


  • At 22 February 2015, 14:00:42 user Zoran Petkovic wrote:   [reply @ Zoran Petkovic]
    • 3 months ago my house caught fire from neighbours burning house resulting in my house burning down to along with the computer with files for this build, my prototype burned down also but i redone schematic and even built a new unit i can post schematic PCB files and silk screen files AS IS. for now i cant write any text for it, at the moment im working 2 jobs to rebuild my home. anyway ill post files in PDF and they will be on first page

  • At 22 February 2015, 12:46:57 user Gamini Patabendige wrote:   [reply @ Gamini Patabendige]
    • Dear Sir,
      This is a very interesting and usefull project. When can you post the balance content?
      Best regards

  • At 12 December 2014, 22:01:51 user electronics-student-from-spain wrote:   [reply @ electronics-student-from-spain]
    • Any news? I'm a newbie electronics student at an electronics vocational trainingschool, I can get most parts cheaply or for free at the lab. I have zero incomes, so I must get smart and do my equipment in the DIY way.

  • At 12 September 2014, 20:03:01 user Zoran Petkovic wrote:   [reply @ Zoran Petkovic]
    • @george schematic have some mistakes also the pcb, once i get time to fix the files will write complete text im sorry i couldn't do this in one go but work i do demands a lot of my time stay tuned the prototype works really well will be worth waiting

  • At 12 September 2014, 18:15:00 user Giorgos Lazaridis wrote:   [reply @ Giorgos Lazaridis]
    • @george click on the worklog tab, you will find everything there

  • At 11 September 2014, 20:03:09 user george wrote:   [reply @ george]
    • Did you finish it? Where are the plans? How does it work?

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