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LED Resistor Selector DialAuthor
Giorgos Lazaridis
December 14, 2012

PAGE 2 of 3 - Make your own LED Resistor Selector Dial

Make your own LED Resistor Selector Dial
First of all, you wanna click the following link and download the PDF with the artwork:

Download file
LED Resistor Selector Dial

Download the PDF file from the above link Print the PDF file. Make sure that you print it with the actual size This A4 is what you want to print Cut the paper in half. DO NOT cut the dashed line

Now you should have two pieces of paper. The left side with the two big wheels is the rotating wheel, the right side with the two smaller wheels is the fixed wheel. Let's make first the rotating wheel...

Making the rotating wheel

Put a ruler across the dashed line Bend the paper accros this dashed line Now bend it back to back If the disks are properly aligned, then the pin will go through the center marks!

You need to make sure that the two disks are properly aligned before you go on to with the next step. Make sure that the pin goes through the center marks of the two disks.

Apply glue to one side and glue the two disks together Let the glue dry for a while, remove the pin and trim the dashed line away Then apply glue to the rest area and glue the two disks together This is what you want to make at the end

Let the glue cure for a while and then trim the paper around the disks If the disks were properly aligned, then the disks are properly trimmed around its perimeter Make a wider hole at the center ad you're done with the rotating disk

Let's make the fixed wheel
Now let's make the fixed wheel.

First, trim the wheels. Notice that the wheels are NOT separated! Then remove the windows from the wheels Now bend the wheels across the dashed line. Use the pin to align them perfectly as before Use a thicker nail to make the hole wider.

That's all!!! Now lets put everything together...

Putting everything together

Get the 2 disks and place them side by side. Make sure that the wheels show the same face (resistor power or value). Now put the rotating wheel between the fixed disk like a sandwich.

Now you wanna use Y-shaped nails to fix the dial selector together Put one of these nails through the holes at the center Push it all the way through And then bend the two legs of the nail.



Now you wanna go to the third page of this article to learn how to use this tool.

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    • fantastic. one slight error on page 2 "As you can see, for 20mA current you should select a resistor around 140 mA... " shouldn't that be ohms :)

  • At 14 January 2013, 23:32:56 user Jeff wrote:   [reply @ Jeff]
    • This is genius! I love it, will definitely come in handy! I may laser etch a version in acrylic, if so I'll send you one!

  • At 8 January 2013, 18:45:05 user N!ck_modmag.net wrote:   [reply @ N!ck_modmag.net]
    • Awesome job! Featured this project on our website - http://en.modmag.net/news/led-resistor-selector-dial-by-giorgos-lazaridis

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