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-Interview at EEWeb magazine

BLOG Entries

How Isolated DC-DC Converters work

If you are not familiar with DC-DC converters, here is a brilliant article from the EDN explaining the very basics of isolated SMPS circuits. This article[...]

Portland has a plan to generate electricity within its own water pipes

Well, this sounds like a good idea. Tons of water flow through the municipal pipelines of every major city. Lucid Energy thought like "Why not using[...]

This is the evolution of Earth in 60 seconds

If we squeeze the history of life in a 60 seconds video, the existence of humans will only occupy a few frames. This is so well shown in this interesting[...]

Next level Joule Thief - MOSFET based step-up joule thief


Watch these machines making beer cans

There is a lot of engineering behind your beer - Watch how beer cans are made in this mesmerizing video[...]

Using the Tessel micro to water plants with Javascript over WiFi!

Do you like Javascript? If so, then good news! You can now run Javascript on a microcontroller. And its name is Tessel. This baby runs a Node code on the[...]

Your Arduino on Breadboard tutorial makes things that much cheaper

Educ8s.com has kindly put together a new tutorial for those Arduino lovers. You really do not need to get[...]

This is where each space probe is right now...

What a nice website this is! People in spaceprob.es have put together a list with each human-made space probe. You can click on its image and instantly[...]

Maths are AWESOME - The last banana thought experiment

Here is the scene: You and a friend of yours are on a deserted island and you only have one last banana to eat but not to share. Then you decide to play[...]

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